On Sunday, October 24, we’re hosting author Jeff Alworth at our Venice taproom for a discussion with Brewery Manager Sam Tierney about the newly released second edition of his book The Beer Bible.

Jeff is on a nation-wide tour of breweries and beer venues promoting his new edition, and we are honored to be hosting him for his stop in LA. The event starts at 2 p.m. and is free to attend.

We’ll also be releasing a special new lager based on a historic recipe that Jeff and Sam picked out, and there will be limited copies of The Beer Bible for purchase and signing, so don’t be late!

Keep reading for more details.

Beer Bible Author Jeff Alworth

The first edition of The Beer Bible was released in 2015, and it instantly became one of the top comprehensive resources on the world of beer. The breakneck speed of change in beer in the ensuing years prompted Jeff to fully update and expand the book, adding more information on new styles, new industry developments, and new explorations on the role of national traditions and cultures in shaping the modern beer landscape. It includes in-depth profiles of more than 100 beers, explorations of beer styles, production, and history, as well as some of the most thoughtful observations you can find on modern beer culture and the industry. The Beer Bible is hands down one of the top books any beer lover needs in their collection.

During the event, Sam and Jeff will speak about the book, Jeff’s history as a beer writer, the beers of Firestone Walker, and the special beer they decided to brew for the occasion. While discussing ideas of what to brew, Sam came across an old recipe recently published in Craft Beer And Brewing Magazine—an American Bock recipe from 1909. Originally brewed by the Weger Brothers Brewing Company in Philadelphia, the recipe is based on notes taken by Paul Kaiser, a former brewer at Weger Brothers, and transcribed into a modern format by beer historian Michael Stein of Lost Lagers.

Sam and Jeff are both fans of historic recipes, so we decided to brew up an extremely limited small batch of this beer at The Propagator, allowing our fans and followers the opportunity to experience what an American bock beer would have been like 112 years ago! A 5% ABV dark amber lager with a high percentage of corn and some unmalted wheat for an interesting balance of maltiness and drinkability, it’s a taste of history at a dynamic time in American brewing as lighter lagers were starting to take over the market.

For more background on the beer, see Michael Stein’s article in Craft Beer And Brewing here.

Brewery Manager Sam Tierney

About the Author

Jeff Alworth is a writer living in Portland, OR. He writes about beer, cider, and occasionally, politics. His books include The Widmer Way, The Secrets of Master Brewers, and Cider Made Simple. His books have twice been cited by the North American Guild of Beer Writers as Best Book, and in 2016 The Beer Bible was named best wine, spirits or beer book by the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). He also co-hosts the Beervana Podcast where he and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson discuss beer and the economics of beer. Jeff regularly gives educational speeches, guided tastings, and corporate presentations, and teaches courses about cider and beer.

You can find Jeff Alworth on Twitter @beervana and on Instagram @jeff.alworth.