If you’re still buzzing from the latest Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival, we get it. We are too.

The first week of June is one of the best of the year. Why? Well, because it’s the unofficial start to summer, beer-drinking season, and, oh, there’s that whole thing where we have thousands of our closest friends come to our hometown of Paso Robles to share some amazing beer with us.

If you were there sipping on some of the great brews the whole world has on tap alongside us, then you already know this. 

But if you weren’t, well, we asked our good friends at The Full Pint to join us and see if it really is the best thing to crack into ever. They sent their best, thirstiest men, Danny and Jonny Full Pint, out on the job, and here’s what they came back with.  Fill your glass up, hit play below, and relive the event now.

It’s true, Invitational season truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

As always, we thought we couldn’t top last year’s get-together until we finished this one. The eleventh edition of the Invitational was the best thing we’ve cracked into in some time, and we’re already counting the days until the next one.

A huge shout to everyone who came out, and to Green Cheek Brewing Co. and Etto Pasta in particular taking home the prized people’s choice brewery and restaurant nods too.

This is only the first glimpse of our long look back at Invitational. So, keep an eye on things right here so you don’t miss a moment. Thanks to all the brewers, restaurants, and friends who made the whole week as special as it was. Grab a cold beer from the fridge, you’ve certainly earned it.