Oaktoberfest 2022 – Our Seasonal Staple Is Back

Grab your stein and dust off your lederhosen. Firestone Walker’s classic is back with the 2022 edition of Oaktoberfest.

The 2022 Oaktoberfest Oak Aged Lager is rolling out now to all Firestone Walker markets in 6-pack (12-oz bottles) and draft formats. Get it at one of our three locations or use our Beer Finder to locate it near you.

As always, this latest release is an oak-inspired homage to the iconic “festbiers” that are synonymous with Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest celebration.

“Oaktoberfest is our riff on the festbier style–we call it a ‘Paso Festbier’ as a nod to our hometown,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “While the recipe is traditional, we lager the beer in French oak barrels to give it an extra smooth mouthfeel with a hint of oak character.”

Stoked On Oak

Oaktoberfest has been a seasonal staple at Firestone Walker for more than 15 years. As an oak-matured festbier, it speaks to our brewery’s longtime fascination with wooden vessels.

In fact, the beer that started it all for Firestone Walker in 1996 – Double Barrel Ale – is partially fermented in a “union” of American oak barrels. We were also on the forefront of the bourbon barrel aging movement with our Anniversary Ale in 2006. And in 2012, we established Barrelworks as a cathedral of barrels dedicated to wild ale production.

The name Oaktoberfest is also a nod to our brewery’s home of Paso Robles–Spanish for “Pass Of The Oaks.” The checkered blue and white pattern on the label echoes the Bavarian flag and pays homage to the style.

German Ingredients, California Wine Barrels

Oaktoberfest is lagered in French oak barrels inherited from one of Napa Valley’s top cult wineries. The barrels are stored at a temperature of 3°C for optimal lagering conditions. Meanwhile, the ingredients are decidedly German: Weyermann Vienna malt, Weyermann pilsner malt, noble German hops, and classic 34/70 Weihenstephan lager yeast.

“It’s German raw materials meets California wine barrels,” Matt said. “We’ve really honed the recipe and process, and it just seems to get better every year.”

Oaktoberfest’s light amber color foreshadows its toasty, biscuity flavor. The oak-barrel lagering allows for an even smoother texture, all while remaining true to the beer’s crisp malt profile and hints of noble hops.

“This beer is a perfect sipper for late summer and fall,” Matt said. “It’s rich in flavor but also light-bodied and easy to drink, which makes it enjoyable on warm and cool days alike.”

Use our Beer Finder to locate Oaktoberfest near you, and while you’re at it, grab a stein from our online store and plan to join us for our Oaktoberfest in Venice party on September 17.