Our Propagator Series is going stateside once again with two emerging Northwest-grown hops – Strata Hazy IPA and Idaho Gem West Coast IPA. Both single-hop IPAs are now available for a limited time in our latest Crafted Thru Hops mixed packs.

Locate these new IPA mixed packs near you with our Beer Finder. Strata can mixed packs available Nationally. Idaho Gem bottle mixed packs available in CA, AZ and NV only.

Learn more about these two single-hop IPAs below in our latest blog.

IPAs Crafted with USA Hops

The Propagator Series is our ongoing line of single-hop IPAs inspired by our Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice, California. We unveil a new pair of Propagator Series beers every four months in tandem with each mixed pack release. We are always discovering and experimenting with new hops, and this series represents the tip of the spear of our brewing explorations. The last time around, we featured the Nectaron and Nelson hops from New Zealand. We now turn our attention to our two hop-heavy neighbors to the north—Oregon and Idaho.

Strata is an emerging hop from Oregon, prized by Brewmaster Matt Brynildson for its one-of-a-kind qualities. Idaho Gem is a rising star from its namesake state, originating from a multigenerational family hop farm run by sisters Diane, Michelle and Andrea Gooding.

Both of these cultivars reflect how Oregon and Idaho are helping to push innovation forward within the U.S.hop growing community.

Strata Single Hop Hazy IPA (5.6%, 35 IBU)

Strata originates from Oregon State University’s Aroma Hops Breeding Program in Corvallis, in partnership with Indie Hops. First bred in 2009, Strata excelled in a 9-acre test plot in 2015 and has come on strong in recent years, making it a fitting match for the Propagator Series.

“Strata is distinguished by its unique melding of citrus, orange candy and passionfruit flavors with a signature Northwest dankness,” Matt says. “It makes for a very full-flavored drinking experience.”

Idaho Gem Single Hop West Coast IPA (5.6%, 50 IBU)

Idaho Gem is a proprietary hop grown at Gooding Farms. Once considered a tertiary hop-growing region, Idaho is today making huge strides—a testament to the Gooding family vision that has endured for several generations of hop farming. Idaho is today second only to Washington in total hop acres harvested.

Idaho Gem offers sweet fruit aromatics with floral flavors of pineapple, blackberry and mojito, making it a perfect choice for this limited single-hop treatment.

“The Gooding sisters and their father Mike have done such a great job bringing this amazing hop to fruition,” Matt says. “There’s not a lot of it out there yet, so we were stoked to get our hands on enough to brew this beer. I think it’s a keeper that’s going to stay in our hop rotation going forward.”

Click the links to learn more about Strata Hazy IPA and Idaho Gem West Coast IPA.

Locate these new Crafted Thru Hops IPA Mixed Packs near you with our Beer Finder. Both mixed packs are available now for a limited time. Can mixed packs available Nationally. Bottle mixed packs available in CA, AZ and NV only.

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