Hello, and welcome to Mind Haze Music To Make Your Mind Wander. Or, Mind Haze FM for short.

Mind Haze FM is a new playlist series that provides a handful of songs reflecting a specific theme (or however the DJ was feeling that day) that pairs exceptionally with Mind Haze, our hazy IPA done the Freestone Walker way.

We’re firm believers in the importance of setting the tone and maintaining the right vibe. That’s why we always show up to parties with the good beer. But we know enjoying oneself goes much further than just cracking into a can of something fresh and cold and on the top shelf of the fridge. And this is where some proper tunes come in. There are few better places on this planet than anywhere where the music is good and the beer is great. And now, we’ll take you there. All you have to do is promise to hit play and crack open a Mind Haze to enjoy on the way. 

The run of show is simple here: we’ll regularly update this page with new playlists depending on whatever mood, feeling, guest start of choice, or Mind Haze variant we’re sipping on. Hit play, hit shuffle, or just click the sideways triangle button above your keyboard and enjoy listening. This is music to enjoy good beer to, get down and party to, and just sit back and vibe to. Think the Boiler Room or your favorite obscure radio station only better and also with better beer.

Now, genres, styles, and eras are all over the place here. But that’s only because, like our beers, we like to keep things interesting. Plus, if you’re going to advertise good times, you’re going to have to make sure all your taps are stocked and ready to go for every sort of taste first.

Mind Haze FM Vol. 1

This is the introductory playlist Mind Haze FM will set its metronome to. Actually, no, it’s not that dramatic. If there were any sort of maestro here, they’d just simply be conducting a collection of tunes that sounds good when played loud and with a beer in hand. Play in order, or hit shuffle, and enjoy.