Tucked in the redwoods under a canopy of stars and the sound of crashing waves is a mental escape that refreshes the mind and soul.

Embark with us on a journey captured thru the lens of acclaimed filmmaker Sebastien Zanella as he takes us on a mind-altering ride through Big Sur, CA. A magical stretch of highway that carves some of the most thrilling roads in the world, where trees are tall, and the views breathtaking.

The world is a confusing place right now it’s impossible not to feel some anxiety. It’s interesting how healing can be to escape into nature, even just for a few days. Away from cell service, blind to the news and social media, this digital detox is so cleansing as we found a sense of calmness and happiness that is hard to find amidst the chaos of our daily lives.

It became a mixed-media project as we shot combination photography and film in digital, infrared, and analog on a variety of different cameras. We wanted the imagery to be dreamy and psychedelic while expressing the beauty and power of nature and the feeling of freedom we get from riding motorcycles.

For the times when you need to escape, travel the winding roads, amidst all the chaos of the world and our crazy lives, nature is a place to escape and reset your mind.

Where waves crash

in the shadow of giants.

The mind wanders

by nature’s silence.

An ancient wilderness

rooted by the sea.

Its rhythm is simple.

Just be.

Mind Haze is a hazy IPA. It’s as free-spirited as they come. A beer made to elevate the senses and let your mind wander. 6.2% ABV. Available wherever Firestone beers are sold.