Our new Hopnosis IPA is the culmination of our 15-year quest to master the West Coast IPA style—and to help lead it into the future.

At the heart of this beer are what’s known as “Cryo Hops®,” specifically Cryo Hops® from the Mosaic hop variety.

So what are Cryo Hops? Well, they are hops that are cryogenically frozen so that they can have eternal life. Just kidding!

In fact, Cryo Hops are made by collecting the concentrated “lupulin” from whole-leaf hops, which contains the resins and essential oils for hop aromas, flavors and bitterness. Our Cryo Hops come from Yakima Chief, a grower-owned network of family hop farms in the Pacific Northwest.

The pure character of these hops allows us to add them to the beer during the initial stages of fermentation without picking up any wily or vegetative notes from the leafy material of standard hop cones.

And by adding them early, we achieve a biotransformation of expressive flavor active compounds, resulting in intense tropical hop flavors with ultra-smooth integration and low bitterness.

“This is where the West Coast style is headed,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “Aromatic hops and new hopping techniques are driving the future. On top of that, Cryo Hops are opening up fresh possibilities. Now you can get all of the ‘oomph’ of hop saturation that you want from a West Coast IPA, but with less of that classic bitterness, more of these new-age hop flavors, and a whole new level of balance and drinkability.”

Experience the magic Cryo Hops with your next taste of Hopnosis, now available in all Firestone Walker markets. Use our Beer Finder to locate Hopnosis near you. Learn more about the creation of Hopnosis by reading our blog, “Hypnotically Delicious:   Introducing Hopnosis IPA.