Introducing Galaxy Hazy IPA–the next release in our single-hop Propagator Series, available exclusively in the latest Crafted Thru Hops IPA Mixed Pack.

“I am so excited about this beer,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “We’ve had access to small amounts of Galaxy hops before, but this is the first time we’ve had enough to brew a single-hop showcase like this.

Galaxy is a bit of a unicorn in the hop world. Hailing from Australia, it’s immensely popular with brewers of hazy IPAs, and it is very much in demand across the globe–to the point that it can be hard for brewers to get their hands on it.

Matt secured his allocation after visiting the Tasmanian farm of Hops Products Australia two years ago. “Hops have been grown on this farm since 1867,” he said. “It’s right up the river in God’s country, at the very tip of the world.”

Matt notes that Citra, a longtime Firestone Walker favorite, is the most widely used hop for hazy IPAs. Galaxy is equally coveted, but supply is tight and it’s far more difficult to procure meaningful supply.

“Galaxy is a passionfruit bomb–it’s super intense and tropical, and it brings a juicy center point of flavor and texture that is perfect for the hazy style,” he said. “It also has this subtle diesel-like quality, which makes it all the more interesting.”

Get the Galaxy Hazy IPA in our Crafted Thru Hops Mixed Pack, now available in all Firestone Walker markets, online, and at our three California locations. Use our Beer Finder to locate it near you.