The 2023 season of our Brewmaster’s Collective Beer Club continues with the new “Doubling Down” Collection—which includes one ultra-rare member exclusive as well as two barrel-aged beauties that are available to all for a limited time.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on the three beers that form the core of the Doubling Down Collection, and then visit our webstore to acquire your own bottles of Double DBA Batch 10k and Something Stickee.

Double DBA Batch 10K

Welcome to a special imperial edition of the beer that started it all for Firestone Walker: DBA.

Double DBA Batch 10k lands as a commemorative release that marks the 10,000th batch of beer brewed at our Paso Robles, California brewery. We brewed this batch at double strength, then aged it for a year in 11-year-old Old Fitzgerald wheated bourbon barrels, which enhanced DBA’s classic flavors of toffee and caramel with notes of baking spice, cocoa powder and dried fig.

“This was the perfect beer to bring us full circle and mark this milestone brewing moment,” says Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “It takes DBA’s classic oak-influenced profile to an entirely new level.”

DBA—originally known as Double Barrel Ale— was the first beer we made starting in 1996. It was born as a British-style pale ale with a touch of California flair, and it became an instant hit on the Central Coast. DBA was particularly notable for being partially fermented in American oak barrels.

Says Matt, “Brewing this special edition of DBA for our 10,000th batch and aging it in these amazing barrels—it just seemed like the perfect way to tie it all together.”

You can purchase Double DBA Batch 10K in our webstore now.


D(DB)2A is an ultra-limited beer club exclusive aged for more than a year in 29-year Evan Williams Blue Label Barrels. The base beer is Double DBA Batch 10k which was selected for this enhanced treatment after we acquired 12 of these remarkable Evan Williams casks.

“This is about as rare as it gets, and as special of a barrel as we could find,” Matt says. “These barrels are older than the DBA recipe itself, and even older than some of the brewers who put the beer through the brewhouse.” Adds Vintage Barrel Manager Jordan Ziegler, “This beer is just so clean and smooth even though it clocks in at 15% ABV. You get this intense hit of bourbon, but it’s super balanced and approachable with flavors of leather, tobacco and chocolate-covered cherries. There’s a roundness that you could only get from barrels like this.”

D(DB)2A is a club exclusive, and current members can buy additional bottles online now.

Something Stickee

For more than 15 years, Stickee Monkee has been a staple of Firestone Walker’s storied barrel-ageing program. Now comes this limited-edition spinoff called Something Stickee, which was aged for a full year in rye whiskey barrels and orange bitters barrels with a dash of cocoa nibs.

True to the beer’s origins, Something Stickee was meticulously brewed with Belgian candi sugar in the classic Quadrupel manner. Maturation in rye whiskey barrels complemented the beer’s signature flavors of molasses and sweet tobacco with a flourish of spicy grain while ageing a portion in orange bitters barrels brought a touch of citrus. Finally, the inclusion of cocoa nibs tied it all together with a thread of chocolaty goodness.

You can purchase Somethig Stickee in our webstore now.

Brewmaster’s Collective Membership

If you’re interested in beers like our Double Barrel-Aged Double DBA and in getting tons of additional perks like discounts on beer, merch, and taproom visits and access to members-only events, consider joining the waitlist for the  2024 season of our Brewmaster’s Collective beer club. Enrollment is open to those 21 and over in California, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Learn more about what membership entails at the club website.