On March 2, 2020, Firestone Walker co-founder and CEO David Walker (the Lion) joined Jamie Lewis, a food, drink and travel writer on her Consumed podcast. During the podcast, they chat on the differences between wine and beer people, the history of the American Craft Beer movement and what the Lion would eat and drink for his last meal.

Jamie, a San Luis Obispo local, asks the question, “How does a humble Buellton brewery become a juggernaut in the craft beer movement?”

She explains that she’s been drinking Firestone-Walker since its inception, but didn’t know all the twists and turns of its evolution until she interviewed David. He told her the tale of Firestone Walker, but it’s really a larger story about craft beer across America and the New World.

The California Beer movement has changed the world of beer.

— David Walker

Below is a breakdown of the interview.  

  • 2:50 – Jamie and David discuss the story of DBA and the modern American Craft Beer Movement.
  • 5:50 – They move onto the history of Firestone Walker Brewing company, and how David came to an end up starting the brewery with Adam Firestone 24 years ago.  
  • 7:45 – Given the proximity of Firestone to wine country, Jamie asks about the difference between wine and beer people, if any.  
  • 9:40 – David and Jamie go through the trajectory of the brewery and how it grew over the past 24 years.  
  • 13:05 – The story of the Lion and the Bear is revealed.  

There is a fair amount of PT Barnum to the beer business.

— David Walker
  • 15:02 – David tells the story of how he got to where he is now.
  • 17:02 – Jamie asks David, as a Brit, what the differences are between the American and English beers.
  • 21:05 – They talk hops.
  • 23:35 – Jamie asks about the growth of craft beer and the collaboration culture associated with it.
  • 27:06 – Firestone Walker Invitational.
  • 33:30 – David speaks on the rise of 805.

Selling beer is blood and Knuckles.

— David Walker
  • 38:00 – How is Firestone taking steps to offset the carbon footprint it creates?
  • 40:40 – David talks about the Propagator brewing facility, Firestone’s way of trying to keep up with the constant innovation of the craft beer industry.
  • 44:15 – What Lion’s last meal and beer would be.

My last beer would be an English Pale Ale, a DBA

— David Walker

You can listen here to the full podcast.