Introducing Cherry Barrel Blossom, the newest beer from our Proprietor’s Vintage series. Cherry Barrel Blossom features our classic smoked porter aged in bourbon and cherry bitters barrels with a dash of sea salt.

Vintage Barrel Master, Eric Ponce used our Imperial Walkers Reserve as the base beer, originally brewed back in 2016. Being a huge fan of smoked beers and spending some time in Bamberg, Germany, Ponce has a true appreciation for the beer style and is excited at the opportunity to create a new twist on an old Firestone favorite.

Cherry Barrel Blossom uses the finest barrels from Kentucky, Himalayan pink sea salt from Pakistan and Beechwood Smoked malts from Germany.

The beer was aged in bourbon barrels for one year and six to eight months in cherry bitters barrels. The final blend is 88% bourbon barrel-aged beer mixed with 12% cherry bitters barrel-aged beer. The bourbon and cherry bitters barrels give the beer aromas and flavors of cherry, bourbon, vanilla, tobacco and milk chocolate.

“I love the upfront, noticeable smoky element to this beer,” said Ponce. “This is followed by a layer of fruity and overly ripe cherry tones that accent the bourbo- driven senses of vanilla, tobacco and chocolate. Finally, you then add the mild inclusion of the sea salt that brings all these flavors together while adding mouthfeel.”

The idea for the addition of the cherry bitters barrel-aged beer and sea salt came after I ate a dish my wife had made for dinner. She did a smoked brisket with cherry wood smoked sea salt that was served on a bed of cherry chutney. I knew this flavor combination would make an awesome beer.

— Eric Ponce, Vintage Barrel Master

Cherry Barrel Blossom is 11.2% ABV. | Available at our locations starting Thursday, April 2 and full market release in the coming weeks.

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