Straight from our Propagator R&D brewhouse comes Gen-5—the latest edition of our anniversary IPA, now commemorating five years of brewing in Venice, California.

It all began with Gen-1, the first beer developed at the Propagator. Ever since, each successive release has taken on a life of its own, building upon the original recipe with our latest creative ideas and R&D discoveries.

True to form, Gen-5 is a hazy double IPA, similar in its base recipe to Gen-4, but now with a generous addition of malted oats to the malt bill. “We recently incorporated malted oats in a collaboration beer we did with Modern Times called Heart of the Universe, and we really liked the result,” says Propagator Brewing Manager Sam Tierney. “We then went heavier on them with another Propagator IPA called Elenna, and it seemed fitting to take what we learned and incorporate it into Gen-5.”

According to Sam, the inclusion of malted oats adds a nice, stable haze with a sense of fullness and smoothness on the palate.

Gen-5 is a beer that incorporates some of our favorite brewing discoveries over the past year, which is what this whole anniversary IPA series is all about.

— Sam Tierney

Another twist with Gen-5 is on the dry-hopping side. As always, the beer was initially dry-hopped with liberal amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops. Then came a second post-fermentation dry hop with a trio of hops—Riwaka, Nelson, and Nectaron—reflecting our recent immersion into the world of New Zealand-grown cultivars.

The result is a double dry-hopped marvel that clocks in at 8.3% with ample yeast expression and a punchy layer of tropical citrus and Sauvignon Blanc-like flavors from the hops Down Under.

Available for a limited time. Buy online now or at our three CA locations starting Friday. Get yours and raise a glass to 5 years of brewing and good times in Venice.

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