A West Coast IPA that packs a punch. That’s right, our Union Jack is a big, bold IPA that’s full of flavor and is not for the weak. At 7% ABV, this beer stands out amongst the crowd. There is no shortage of styles of IPAs, from session IPAs, hazy IPAs, Brut IPAs, Double IPAs and so on, a classic West Coast style is what helped catapult this category to being the go-to beer.

But let’s take a step back. The year was 2007 and light lagers ruled the beer world, until suddenly, a hoppy, bitter beer known as an India Pale Ale emerged and quickly became craft beer’s darling. Enter Union Jack. While it wasn’t the first widely available IPA on the market, it certainly had a large impact on shaping the world of beer. With notes of grapefruit, pine and tangerine, this beer was jammed with hoppy flavors and stood out amongst the rest.

Named after David Walker’s British roots, Union Jack was the anti-British beer. Unlike our flagship DBA, which had caramel and toffee notes, Union Jack was an in-your-face, loud and proud beer. It quickly became our biggest selling offering and won many major awards in the IPA category, including Silver at the Great American Beer Festival and Gold at the European Beer Star Awards.

For those who like their IPA Loud

While the craft beer landscape has changed over the last few years with people reaching for more sessionable beers or hazy beers, there’s still a desire for a classic West Coast IPA. And that’s where we can always count on Union Jack. Long live IPA.

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