Old Man Hattan - Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Old Man Hattan

Barrel-Aged Blended Ale


Old Man Hattan is a blend of Vintage beers aged in bourbon, orange, and cherry Bitters barrels to replicate the flavors and aromas of two iconic cocktails: the Manhattan and Old Fashioned.
  • The Flavors

    • aging

      Aged in Bourbon, Orange and Cherry Bitters barrels

    The base beer of Old Man Hattan is a blend of signature Firestone Walker whiskey barrel-aged component beers, including Velvet Merkin, Bravo, and Stickee Monkee. The twist comes from select lots of Parabola and Helldorado that were aged in barrels previously used to mature cherry, orange, and aromatic bitters. The result is a barnstorming beer that exhibits pronounced whiskey notes while artfully expressing essences of both the Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails.


    • 12oz Bottle

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