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Double Cold IPA

Celebrating 7 Years of Brewing & Good Times at The Propagator in Venice Beach, CA

Celebrating seven years of brewing at The Propagator, Gen-7 is a massively hoppy Double Cold IPA featuring Citra, Mosaic Cryo, Mosaic Incognito, Strata, CGX, and Rakau hops. A base of Admiral and Proximity pilsner malts and flaked rice keeps the profile light, while a clean fermentation with our house lager yeast allows the hop character to dominate. Available at our three locations and online.

  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Citra, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, Mosaic Incognito, Strata CGX, Rakau, El Dorado

    • fermentation

      Stainless Steel

    • malts

      Proximity Pilsen, Admiral Pils, Briess Brown Rice Flakes, Dextrose Sugar

    Building on our continuing series of anniversary double IPAs based on the recipe of our original Gen-1, our “Gen” series channels the brewing approach and philosophy that we have been excited to explore over the previous year. In our seventh year, we went hard into the world of cold IPAs, starting with the release of our Hopnosis IPA. We explored the. lager yeast-fermented IPA space from pale ale/West Coast pils, through IPAs fermented with and without adjuncts, and up to massive double and triple IPAs. For Gen-7, we decided on a massively hoppy Double IPA brewed with pilsner malt, rice, and dextrose, which give Gen-7 a bright golden color and relatively light and dry profile for such a big beer. We built the hop blend on the classic Gen-1 mix of Citra and Mosaic, this time blending Citra with Mosaic Cryo and Mosaic Incognito in the whirlpool. For the dry hop, we layered on. more Citra and Mosaic Cryo, plus Strata CGX (another cryo-like concentrated hop pellet) and Rakau from New Zealand. This blend gives Gen-7 a punchy mix of citrus, stone fruit, melon, and berry flavors.


    • 16oz 4pk
    • Draft

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