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Double IPA


To celebrate six years of brewing at The Propagator, we teamed up with our friends at El Segundo on this modern take on a West Coast DIPA. Gen-6 features new hop varieties Vista and 1019, as well as our trusty Citra and Mosaic for explosive flavors of peach ring, plantain, strawberry, honeysuckle, and mango.
  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Citra, Mosaic Cryo Hops, Vista, HBC 1019

    • fermentation

      100% Stainless Steel

    • malts

      Rahr North Star Pils, Weyermann Pils, Wheat Malt, Dextrose Sugar

    To celebrate The Propagator’s sixth anniversary this year, we teamed up with our friendly neighbors over at El Segundo Brewing to make a modern West Coast Double IPA, a style that they have thoroughly mastered over the years. We took our standard Gen-1 recipe and started by swapping the standard base malt for pilsner malt, then added dextrose to make sure we achieved a nice dry finish at a higher ABV. We then built on the classic hop duo of Citra and Mosaic, adding Mosaic Cryo for a fermentation dry hop addition before adding a second dry hop of Citra and new USDA variety Vista, as well as experimental hop HBC 1019. The combo with these two new hops adds layers of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, and peach ring aromatic flourishes over a well-balanced flavor with just enough bitterness in the finish to remind you that this is a West Coast IPA.


    • 16oz Can 4pk
    • Draft

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