Dabbling in Decoction - Firestone Walker Brewing Company

A Collab With Green Bench Brewing Co.

We teamed up with Florida’s own Green Bench to create Dabbling In Decoction, a dry-hopped, decoction-mashed pilsner featuring all American ingredients: floor malted pilsner malt from Admiral Malt in California, flaked corn from Briess in Wisconsin, and Mount Hood and Lorien hops from Indie Hops in Oregon.

  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Lorien, Mount Hood

    • fermentation

      100% Stainless Steel

    • malts

      Admiral Pilsner, Briess Non-GMO Yellow Corn Flakes

    Green Bench are no strangers to decoction mashing, the traditional lager brewing technique of boiling a portion of the mash to accentuate malt flavors, while you might say we’ve been “dabbling in decoction” here at the propagator over the past year. We decided to team up and learn a bit more about decoction by brewing a dry-hopped pilsner with them here in Venice featuring American ingredients and recipe design aspects from both their Postcard Pils and our Pivo Pils. The result is a hop-forward pils balancing a satisfying, sturdy malt profile with a floral, fruity, herbal hop aroma and snappy bitterness leading to a crisp and refreshing finish. The kind of beer that pairs perfectly with summer cookouts and fireworks shows.


    • 16oz 4pks
    • Draft

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