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Cinnamon Dolce

Nitro Spiced Stout


Introducing Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout—an instant Firestone Walker classic made to warm your soul for the fall and winter seasons.

  • The Flavors

    • hops


    • fermentation

      100% Stainless Steel

    • malts

      2-Row, Simpsons Brown, Simpsons Dark, C-75, Roasted Barley, Carafa, Lactose

    Cinnamon Dolce Stout is a milk stout conditioned on whole Madagascar vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. The malt profile is designed to provide rich coffee, chocolate, and sweet malty notes to play off the cinnamon and vanilla and provide an overall profile similar to cinnamon dolce coffee, which is typically a latte with a sweet cinnamon and vanilla syrup added.


    • 6 Pack Cans
    • Draft
  • Mastering the Surge Pour

    with Matt Brynildson

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