In our latest video series, Beer Talk, we join Brewmaster Matt Brynildson at the Firestone Walker bar to, well, talk about beer. In this edition, we’re reaching into Matt’s fridge and pulling out a Hopnosis, an innovative IPA brewed with coveted Cryo Hops.

Is it a West Coast IPA? Is it a Cold IPA? Or is it all of the above? Well, when cracking open a Hopnosis, the answer is always, “Yes.” Watch along to learn why Matt prefers to use Southern Hemisphere hops for this double dry-hopped delight, if he prefers those Southern Hemisphere hops just because it gives him a good excuse to score free trips to Australia and New Zealand, and more now.

In the Hopnosis episode, Matt tells us how one fateful trip to the Yakima hop harvest in the state of Washington inspired him to unleash the heart of the hop. He also tunes us into what exactly double dry hopping a beer means, and how it creates an explosion of tropical fruit flavors including mango, passionfruit, white grape, and lychee with each crisp sip. Once you’re done here, you’ll want to pick up a six-pack of Hopnosis so you can fully understand just what it means to be Hopnotized by flavor means. 

If you’re like us, all this Beer Talk will make you pretty thirsty. Luckily for you, you can find Hopnosis and Double Hopnosis at any of our three locations and at Firestone Walker retailers. Use our Beer Finder and pick up the coldest six-pack near you today.

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