Meet Hey Beautiful Jerk, comprised of artists Gina Niespodziani and Mark Szumski. They’re passionate about animation, design and creating some incredible out of this world campaigns.

Their digital sorcery and creativity are what inspired our partnership in bringing the juicy, tropical and hazy world of Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze to life.

“For all of the Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze work, each scene in each campaign is meant to be an illusion or surreal magic trick that incorporates the Mind Haze can, its tasting notes and then a general theme like adventure or vacation that we conceptualize and design around,” said Mark. “We love animated collage-style artwork and it’s been a delight to contribute to the Mind Haze brand.”

About the Dynamic Duo

“We formed Hey Beautiful Jerk (HBJ) in 2013 after we co-directed a short animated film titled “Sleep Walk” that went viral. We met on OkCupid,” added Mark”. “I was onset shooting content for El-P of Run the Jewels. One of the films featured a kestrel hawk eating a drone. The hawk’s handler had to take bathroom break and asked me to hold the hawk on my arm. While I tried to take a selfie with the hawk, I got an alert from OKCUPID saying that GinaBeauBina messaged me. She moved in with me three weeks later.”

Coming up with the HBJ name

“Our dog Charlie Murphy aka Chortles aka #thepoodlemenace, asked to go outside during a polar vortex in Brooklyn and I kiddingly asked him ‘What do you want from me, you Beautiful Jerk!’ Gina exclaimed ‘That’s it! Thats our name!’”

The name stuck and the rest is history.

As for more animations from the HBJ crew…

“We are currently working on a holiday Mind Haze campaign and some new can designs that we can’t wait to share with the world very soon,” said Mark.

Stay tuned for more. While you wait, use the Beer Finder to stock up on Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze, available wherever Firestone beers are sold.